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What we offer

Lizard Design has been creating corporate websites since 1996, we offer a one-stop solution for your web development requirements with the complete range of services necessary for successful website development. These include initial consultancy, domain registration, domain hosting, design, construction, promotion and evaluation.

Lizard Design ensures that construction runs smoothly by evaluating client feedback at every stage of development and by enabling clients to see their website as it is built via our development site. In addition, every site is supplied with our custom built control panel.

Website development

As well as standard website development Lizard Design specialise in high technology implementation including:
  • Custom built control panels
  • Website marketing - more info
  • SMS text message integration
  • Site skinning, one site many faces
  • On the fly  PDF creation for dynamic brochures
  • Multiple language content managed sites
  • Managed customer user accounts
  • Mobile phone versions of exsiting websites


As well as standard website development Lizard Design specialise in high technology implementation including:
  • Intergration with accounts packages such as Sage
  • Experience with integrating with all major payment gateways
  • Fulll order process system within the control panel with automated emails etc.
  • Quoting with "quote to order" option
  • Import products via suplier Excel files
  • Specials, Best sellers, New Products management

Online systems

Streamline a paper based or online business activity or add a service that your competitors are not offering, recent examples include:
  • Customer layolty scheme
  • Sales staff calendar and appointment tracking
  • Airline diverts administration
  • Online Customer Survey
  • Property maintenence organizer
  • Coach & Bus manager
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Customer Comment
Speech Mark Our web site is essential for fast moving `stock sales` in both the UK and the USA. We have been with Lizard Design for six years and have never considered moving. Speech Mark

Ami Carvalho
George Smith & Microsoft Registered Partner