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What we offer
CDs can incorporate synchronised soundtracks and sound effects, 2D and 3D animation, and product visualisations giving the user a unique insight into new or current product ranges, training courses, technical specifications or company profiles.

The versatility of a CD is almost boundless and their familiarity means that there is no  'new technology fear ' associated with them.


The New Way To Promote Your Company

With a multimedia CD your company's products can be shown in an interesting and interactive way. This truly portable format, no bigger than a standard credit card makes them the ultimate sales tool with almost unlimited uses.

The size of a standard credit card, BizCards play on a standard CD-ROM drive and store up to 50mb of interactive multimedia. A BizCard multimedia project can contain downloadable files, voiceovers, synchronized sound tracks, 360 degree virtual tours, corporate video clips, 2D or 3D animation and screensavers.

Lizard Design is an experienced digital media developer producing high quality multimedia presentations and promotional items that can be contained on the BizCard. These are ideal for your promotional needs such as:
  • Mail merges
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Product catalogues
  • Trade show hand outs
  • Training aids
  • Product demonstrations
  • Company profiles and port folios
Biz Card Circular

Biz Card Square

Biz Card Oblong

Biz Card Circular

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Customer Comment
Speech Mark Our web site is essential for fast moving `stock sales` in both the UK and the USA. We have been with Lizard Design for six years and have never considered moving. Speech Mark

Ami Carvalho
George Smith & Microsoft Registered Partner