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Project Title:   Intranet

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Description: Untitled Document

Intranets can benefit all types of organisations - from businesses with only a handful of employees to large international enterprises.

The specific advantages will depend on the type of solution chosen but the primary benefits generally include:

  • Reduced costs - thanks to decreased printing and paper requirements, improved communication, shared software and more efficient utilisation of staff time arising from quicker access to information.
  • Improved productivity - through access to a single central repository of data, reducing duplication and improving accuracy when dealing with customers and suppliers.
  • Increased security - due to information sharing and e-mail traffic over an internal private network, rather than the public channel of the Internet.
  • Better customer service - thanks to quicker more accurate access to customer account details and pricing and product information.
  • Scalability - because of the flexible nature of intranets it's easy to add additional users and increased capacity at relatively modest cost.
The intranet system is the largest single project Lizard Design has developed and includes the following sections.

Contact List:
  • Search function
  • Automatic web link and email link
  • Adding multiple contacts to one company
  • All entries time and user stamped using log in information
  • Short cut filtering e.g. clicking “a” will filter contacts and companies beginning with “a”
  • Link to projects
Call History:
  • Automatic date entry
  • "Taken by" automatically added by User Login Details
  • Callers' details automatically filled in by selecting from drop down menu
  • Search Function
  • Link to projects
  • Non returned and returned calls listings
  • Returned call comments box
  • SMS text messaging option for urgent calls

Project Listing

  • Directly linked to task manager
  • Show outstanding tasks
  • Show completed tasks
  • Show urgent tasks
  • Linked documents
  • Linked calls
  • Linked contacts
  • Linked expenses
  • Comments
  • Task dates filtering for reports
  • Accumulative time reporting i.e. time spent on project to date against originally set time
  • Project Details
  • Project Report
Time tracker:
  • Track time spent each day for each task
  • Time spent on each task will be shown in Project Listing section
  • Total time will be shown in Project Listing section
  • Weekly time sheets can be printed for all users
  • Hours left for task shown when selecting task
  • Notes
  • Add/edit/delete expenses by task
  • Total expenses shown in Project Listing section
  • Directly linked to User Manager (for assigning task list)
  • Tasks shown by User Login Details
  • Standard and urgent tasks
  • Tasks can be re-assigned to another user
  • Task posted date
  • Task completed date
  • Automatic email when assigned task
  • Automatic email sent to assignee when task is completed
  • Directly linked to contacts
  • Completed Task Comment
  • Hours allotted to project
User Info
The user info sections hold information regarding all users that have been added to the system and have a username and password for login purposes.

  • Personal Information only visible to administrators
  • Send mail direct to other users
  • Latest news story added to front page of Intranet
  • Easy to add/edit/delete news stories with images
Document Manager
  • Document status - open field for comments on document i.e. “being updated”
  • Document Search – by title and bespoke search field
  • Notification sending – if ticked an email will be sent to all users indicating a new document has been uploaded
  • Create folders to structure documents
  • Delete or Move functions
  • “Posted by” automatically added by User Login Details
  • Date Posted

The project included:
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Dynamic graph based statistics

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Customer Comment
Speech Mark We have built up a good relationship with Lizard Design over many years, and have been impressed with the willingness to adapt and tailor website and database applications to our specific requirements, which have undoubtably added to the sucess of our business Speech Mark

Lyn Watson
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