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Project Title:   Faultmanager

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Description: Users are able to login and track their fault report through e-mail systems and via the Fault Manager website, keeping themselves up to date whilst freeing up telephone systems and support staff for more urgent enquires. Maintenance and Helpdesk Staff are made immediately aware of a new fault via text messaging and email, therefore response times are shortened and there is no need for a constant watch for new faults being reported. Administration rights are given to the client's contact manager giving them access to reports on all fault response times and even costing per month etc allowing for tighter control of budgets and elimination of unnecessary fault logging.

Single Building Module This module has been designed for engineering companies with a maintenance contract in a large building with multiple floors and is designed to reduce Help Desk staff costs, Improve efficiency and offer the client full monitoring and reporting of faults. – Yearly Licences -

Multiple Client Module Designed for maintenance companies with many clients and buildings to administrate. The system acts as an extra member of staff logging faults 24 hours a day, collating them and producing reports. - Yearly Licences plus additional client license

Global Client Reporting Module Developed specifically for large organisations with a number of buildings or subsidiaries, such as franchise organisations that need to be able to monitor faults and budgets across their organisation. This module includes special licensed copies of the Multiple Client Module with a Global reporting add on. - Yearly Licences plus additional Multiple Client Module licenses. -

The project included:
  • SMS text messaging
  • Dynamic graph based statistics
  • Client ability to log on to see fault status
  • PDA Version

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