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Project Title:   Asbestos Register

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Description: Abestos Register was designed to assist the company Environtec with reports for their customers. The system needed to log all the information technicians gathered from their tests and then analysis the data into a report. This report is then be stored on the system where it can be accessed with a username and password. This gives Environtec clients the ability to access the reports and view the findings.

The project included:
  • Extensive survey reports
  • Micosoft Visio drawing file viewing
  • Client ability to log in and see Asbestos survey history

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Customer Comment
Speech Mark We use our website to assist in Sales to blue chip customers, hence it has to be professional. With our own in-house IT team, using the Lizard Design control panel we are able to adapt and update the Web-site ourselves.

To this end Lizard Design have be an essential part of our growing business.
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Jeffrey P Wood
Acclaim Handling Ltd. & Microsoft Rgistered Partners