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Project Title:   Survey System

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Description: The survey system allows Sartori to carry out surveys for its clients that are designed and administered from a central control panel but allow the telemarketing staff to log on from any location in order to carry out the actual telephone survey. It also allows the client to log on and see statistics for that particular survey. Lizard Design has now extended the survey system in association with Satori so that it can be purchased by other companies, allowing them to design and carry out telephone surveys on customer care etc. The system allows for duplication of an existing survey allowing it to be used for customer care surveys on a yearly basis. These surveys can then be analysed against each other using the extensive dynamic graph based statistics.

The project included:
  • Extensive reporting for survey statistics
  • Dynamic graph based statistics
  • Self build surveys based around 5 main question types
  • Question jumping based on answers received
  • Client access to statistics

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