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Project Title:   Webfactory

large example of work  

Description: Cost effective web site building solution - Webfactory UK allows you to build a web site in minutes and then edit that site quickly and easily, at any time you want, using a simple word type interface. You can upload your own images or use the extensive portfolio of images supplied.

The only thing you need is a logo!

You get 5 pages including a "Home Page", "Contact Us Page" and up to 3 more pages that you can add, delete or alter whenever you want.

There is no limit to the number of times you can change your web site. One of the main advantages of the Webfactory UK system is that as you can continually change your product ranges and services without incurring any costs. The changes include text, images, and even the style and colour of your web site.

Your Domain Name and hosting is included in the cost and we have a service which allows you to search to check whether the domain you have chosen is available for use.

The project included:
  • Word like editor

Decorative Image

Customer Comment
Speech Mark Lizard Design have helped us develop what we believe to be a leading web site in our industry.

On going support and innovative ideas and design from Lizard's team of web developers have helped us achieve this and they continue to make ground breaking improvements.
Speech Mark

Ricky Davies
Westye Group Europe & Microsoft Rgistered Partners